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SunLight  - 9930TR Solar Attic Fan 30 watt  (Professional Grade)
SunLight - 9930TR Solar Attic Fan 30 watt (Professional Grade)
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SunLight  - 9930TR Solar Attic Fan 30 watt  (Professional Grade)


Professional grade Solar Attic Fan

New patent pending enhanced design will ventilate up to 2800 square feet of attic space with a single fan. The new, patent pending, Smooth-air Deflector in the shroud of the fan produces a smoother air flow and increases exhaust performance by up to 30% from previous models. This next generation solar powered attic fan is our most powerful and efficient model yet.

Cool your home in the summer

The Professional Series Solar Powered Attic Fan 9930TR effectively reduces attic heat build-up in the summer months and moisture in the winter months. With 43% of air conditioning base on high attic temperatures frequently up to 160F, lowering attic heat typically lowers air conditioning run-time.

Installing a Solar Powered Attic Fan will help remove the heat build-up in your attic and bring your attic’s temperature down closer to the ambient outside temperature.

The reduction in attic temperature will also benefit the homeowner by preserving and extending the life of the roofing and attic construction materials. Additionally, hot air in your attic can then heat the metal exterior of your HVAC ductwork and consequently heat the air passing through it, causing your air conditioner to work even harder.

Remove damaging moisture

In the winter months, the building materials in your attic can absorb up to 28 gallons of moisture, contributing to mold and mildew growth. Moisture migrates into the attic space from daily activities such as running the dishwasher, showers and cooking. Additionally, warm attic air meeting the cold roofing materials creates condensation, which drips onto the attic insulation causing it to lose its effectiveness. Warm attics in winter also contribute to ice damming as the snow melts on the roof and re-freezes at the eaves, causing water to accumulate.

Installing a Solar Powered Attic Fan will allow for better air flow and moisture control inside your attic and prevent the condensation which can lead to mold and mildew problems.

Approved by Florida Building Codes and Texas Department of Insurance to withstand severe weather*.
* with solar panel remote mounted

Quick Connect
Includes our new Quick Connect adapter which enables easier connection to Solar Controller Modules
Materials of Construction

Shroud Cover Vacuformed Qi-Mei 747S ABS with Ultraviolet Light inhibitors, 0.5mm thickness Resists fading, denting, rusting, and cracking
Flashing/Housing 20 gauge steel
Rodent Screen 1/4" stainless steel mesh screen secured with galvanized self-taping screws
Fan Blade 14" 3-wing ultra quiet aluminum blades with pitch angle matched to dc motor/solar panel
Finish Metal components are steel finished with zinc alloy G-90 thickness, hot dipped. Painted metal components are powder coated : pure polyester coating 3 - 5 mils thickness
Solar Panel 30 Watt panel with high transmission tempered glass encapsulating 35 poly-crystalline solar cells. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Motor 38 volt DC motor with external brushes
Wiring 16 gauge black and red copper wire
Unit dimensions 24" x 24" x 13", 24 lbs

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